Fire commissioner calls for insurance leniency after tornado

Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Jim Beck has issued a directive encouraging leniency from licensed insurance companies in Georgia following a tornado impacting three counties in Georgia. (Special Photo)

ATLANTA — Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Jim Beck has issued a directive to all licensed insurance companies in the state of Georgia, urging them to exercise leniency to Georgia policyholders who are late with their premium payments due to disruption of services resulting from the severe weather in Grady, Harris and Talbot counties on Sunday.

In addition, Beck urged insurers to consider the nature of Act of God claims when renewing impacted policies.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Georgia, as well as our great neighbors in Alabama, who were hit Sunday night by these storms,” Beck said in a news release. “As we recover, it is essential that we show patience and understanding to those impacted by this tragedy. I urge all insurance companies in Georgia to factor in the circumstances of this severe weather event when processing any tardy premium payments.”

Gov. Brian Kemp issued an emergency declaration on Monday in Grady, Harris and Talbot counties due to the damage from the storms.

Impacted policyholders are encouraged to contact their insurance companies at the earliest available opportunity to relay their status in regards to any potential claim or late premium payment.

Those with questions regarding the directive should contact the Georgia Department of Insurance at 1-800-656-2298.

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