Franchises show interest in Albany market

A number of national brands are showing interest in adding franchise locations to the Albany business market, officials say. (Staff Photo: Gypsy Crow)

ALBANY — Multiple franchises have shown interest in expanding their operations to Albany but seek local entrepreneurs to step up to the plate.

Businesses such as Right at Home, Home Clean Heroes and Two Men and a Truck offer services to consumers, but FranNet acts as a “” for individuals looking for the right “match” for franchise opportunities, according to FranNet Market President Leslie Kuban.

“It’s like for people who would like to own their own business but need help figuring out what businesses would align with their interests, budget and lifestyle,” Kuban said. “Quite a lot goes into a business being a good match.”

FranNet’s consulting service aligns prospective franchise owners with companies that cover a wide variety of services and products, including spa services, automotive services, education, senior care, home inspection and pizza.

Asked how FranNet could be beneficial to entrepreneurs in Albany, Kuban said, “My team and I have been in the Georgia marketplace for the last 20 years. We understand it. We understand how it’s growing.”

Kuban said FranNet can assist potential franchise owners with attorneys and the legal aspect of owning a franchise, questions about funding and utilizing local resources and opportunities to help the business grow within the community.

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Franchise ownership isn’t just fast food. Home Clean Heroes, Right at Home and Two Men and a Truck provide alternative options for individuals ready to start their own business and to find “freedom from the corporate world,” according to Buzz Franchise Brands CEO Kevin Wilson. Buzz Franchise Brands is a parent company of Home Clean Heroes.

“Once you own your own business, you never go back,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that Home Clean Heroes calls its employees heroes because “maid” is a dated and tired term, and Home Clean Heroes considers the work of their employees to be significant in the lives of those they do the work for.

Currently, Home Clean Heroes serves more than 1,000 customers with eight vehicles on the street and two heroes per truck. And now the company is ready to expand its operation nationally.

Wilson said moving to a franchise for prospective business owners is ideal for people who might look at their own careers and think it’s time for something new.

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Right at Home is another company looking to expand its operations into Albany.

Right at Home Chief Development Officer Eric Little said that although the company has expanded to around 600 locations with nearly 500 of those locations in the U.S., the company has yet to build a presence in southwest Georgia. Currently, the company has offices in Atlanta, Rome, Gainesville and Savannah to serve north Georgia and the coast.

According to Little, Right at Home was founded in 1995 by Allen Hager, a hospital administrator who, although he worked on the business side of health care, saw a need for patient care after patients were being sent home who weren’t ready to live independently. Right at Home is a home care service through which the employees serve their customers, doing chores such as cooking, cleaning, running errands or just spending time with the patients.

Little said he is looking for potential franchise owners with a background in people management, a passion for patient care without necessarily a background in medicine and patient care, and access to the funds required for franchise investment. He said that the company will also “entertain conversations with” local companies interested in merging with the brand.

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An additional company with interest in the Albany market is Two Men and a Truck.

Two Men and a Truck is a moving company that, well, utilizes two men and a truck to assist homeowners and renters with moving from one place to the next.

“I think what we’ve found in every part of the country is it’s a good opportunity as a business owner, and it creates local jobs,” Pam Batten, Two Men and a Truck’s compliance director, said. “It gets us into a community to serve customers we wouldn’t be able to serve before.”

The advantage for an Albany location for local prospective franchise owners is that Albany would be considered a “mini-market,” which requires a lower investment and lower starting truck requirements.

Batten said that a moving service is a service that will never go away because technology will enhance the process, not replace the need for a moving company.

Two Men and a Truck has more than 350 locations across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ireland. A Michigan-based company, one of the first Two Men and a Truck franchises began in Atlanta.

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