LEESBURG — The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is warning motorists, especially women, to take precautions after reports of a Dodge Charger with white flashing lights attempting to pull over two women drivers.

Maj. Keith Houston said the sheriff’s office has received calls about two attempts to pull women drivers over on the west side of the county near U.S. Highway 82.

The calls, he said, reported that a dark colored Charger with flashing white lights located near the headlights was being used. He said authorities have not identified the driver the Charger. “We’ve been told possibly a white male, but we do not even know that for sure,” Houston said.

In a situation in which a motorist thinks an individual impersonating a law enforcement officer is trying to pull him or her over, Houston advises that the driver exercise caution.

“If they’re uncertain and they feel it’s suspicious, slow down and turn on (the) emergency flashers,” he said.

Houston also cautioned against stopping at dark location, saying the driver should only pull over in a well-lighted, populated location. The motorist also can use a cellphone to call 911 and check whether it is a legitimate law enforcement officer making the stop.

“If you have your cell phone, dial 911 and ask the dispatcher, ‘I’m in such and such area. Can you tell me if there’s supposed to be a police officer pulling me over? And I’m driving such and such kind of vehicle,’” he said. “And the dispatcher will know and they can say, ‘Yeah, we do know and it is legit’ or ‘We’re not familiar with it, but we will have an officer on the way.’”

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