ALBANY — The Lily Pad Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Center will host its annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event at the Deerfield-Windsor upper campus track April 28. The event, which kicks off at 11 a.m., is held to raise funds to combat and increase awareness of victims of sexual and physical violence.

Men and women are both invited to participate in the walk. A”Superhero Fun Run,” during which kids get to race their favorite superheroes, is also part of the event. Participants are asked to register in advance, but they can register on the day of the event. Included with the registration is a Walk A Mile T-shirt and a bagfull of goodies. “Superheroes” will receive a superhero cape and a goody bag.

Participants are asked to track their sponsorships collected with the walker sponsorship tracker, which will be turned in at the event. Five hundred dollars is the goal, but it is not a requirement. Any amount raised is appreciated.

The registration fee for all children is $10. Children do not need to complete the sponsorship tracker to compete in the Superhero Fun Run.

A forensic interview for children who have made allegations of being physically or sexually abused, severely neglected or witnesses of violent crimes costs $500. The cost includes a professionally trained forensic interviewer, who provides expert testimony in court so that the child does not have to face their attacker, case tracking that follows the report until the investigation team closes the case, and evidence collection including audio, visual and drawings completed by the child.

Forty rape kits, which include medical supplies necessary for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners to provide forensic examinations for adult and child victims, cost $1,000.

Five sexual assault examinations, which include a specially trained nurse, biologic and photographic evidence collection for law enforcement, expert testimony for victims in court, a rape crisis advocate for the victim, and accompaniment through the process of the law enforcement interview and forensic medical exam, cost $2,500.

More information and the registration/sponsorship tracker forms are located on the Lily Pad’s website at

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