Americus Police Chief Mark Scott said his department has begun an investigation into a woman’s Facebook claim that she’d intentionally tried to infect men with the HIV virus.

AMERICUS — An Americus woman who claims she is HIV-positive and posted a live Facebook feed in which she told the people she’d supposedly slept with that she’d intentionally tried to infect them with the virus is being investigated by the Americus Police Department, APD Chief Mark Scott said Sunday.

Scott said officers in his department had contacted one of the more than a dozen people Brandi Lasiter claimed she’d infected with the potentially deadly virus, and that person filed a complaint against her.

“We began the investigation on Friday when the Facebook post was brought to our attention,” Scott said.

“We’ll get deeper into it on Monday. There is an active investigation, though, and if her claim (of being HIV-positive and intentionally trying to spread the virus) is true, she could be charged with a felony for each person she had contact with.”

Scott said that since no charges had been brought against Lasiter, he would not give her name, but the post — which had been taken off Facebook on Saturday after going viral — was available for viewing again Sunday, and Lasiter’s name was clearly visible.

Before reeling off a list of the names of men she’d supposedly had sex with — and the names of women whose husbands she’d allegedly had sex with — in the profanity-laced post, Lasiter, who was apparently walking with a child, said, “I got a lot of victims.”

At one point during the post, Lasiter addressed a specific person, saying, “I’m HIV-positive, and now you is too, b----.” She added, “And this is coming from the horse’s f---ing mouth.”

Scott said APD had received a number of calls about the content of the Facebook post and started a preliminary investigation after one of the men named in the post was contacted.

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