Albany Little Theater’s “Sister Act” show last night was terrific! Funny, great music, and a large diverse cast. It was a real jewel, unbelievable that it is available right here in Albany. Thank you. It continues next weekend. Hope everyone else can still get tickets.

Nearly $400,000 has been stolen or “misplaced” at church. Brother pastor, is it you?

The Albany Parks and Recreation Department has been a joke in the past year or so. They haven’t had any programs that have been really successful in a while. From the moment I stepped in the building for information there was an unfriendly attitude. The only positive events that have been going on have been coming from Ms. Tee. The city needs to address the problem, probably need to start from the top.

I just saw a poll that reported 30 percent of Americans did not think Trump lies. Are those 30 percent using a non-standard definition of lying or are there 30 percent who will just refuse to acknowledge anything negative about Trump?

Mr. Fletcher, stop making so much sense. It will p- — off the local populace.

Look’s like the Albany Herald can’t fix stupid. Mike’s County Store, U.S. 19 South ... again fix your damned paper box so it can take quarters on Sunday.

Squawker, be careful what you see on social media. Roger Marietta is representing his constituents in trying to lower the density of an apartment complex and by asking the developer to respect the rights of First Americans. Join us.

It’s the 2020 election next, not the 1820 election. We use a big green thing to pick our cotton and we wear flip-flops.

What are the conservatives thinking? The idea of conservatives includes being lawful. Our conservative politicians are following politics over reality and law. Without a doubt they realize there has been obstruction committed but refuse to admit it because they refuse to acknowledge what is best for the country over the party. They can fight and deny the facts all they want, but they are becoming the minority, like it or not.

Rabbitman, how much more “help” do you want from the city of Albany? They’re already, thanks to an ADICA chairperson who knows nothing about business, giving you prime real estate for $500 a month that could bring in four times that much. You certainly are an ungrateful one.

Am I the only person to notice that Bill Barr sounds like Dick Cheney?

To the squawker who’s so worried and upset about Trump being blamed for all the world’s ills: Most people who pay attention don’t blame Trump. We blame people like you for putting him in office and then blindly following him like the sheep you are when he continues to screw up.

Watch it. The clique group tells the pastor everything.

It is time for the people of Georgia, and other folks who value states’ rights, to start boycotting those threatening to boycott Georgia.

Commercials are getting loud again. I thought we had established restrictions on that.

WWND? Noah would have sued the builder of this (fake) ark because he failed to guarantee safe passage of people through flood waters, as that was the main purpose of building the ark.

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