Supreme Court of Georgia to hold special session at ASU

Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton (Special Photo)

ATLANTA – The Supreme Court of Georgia will hold oral arguments in Albany on Thursday at Albany State University.

At the 10 a.m. session, the court will hear two appeals: one each in a civil case and a criminal case. The first is an appeal of a Georgia Court of Appeals ruling involving a lawsuit between two physicians and former partners in which one alleges the other stalked him and his employees. The second is an appeal of a young man convicted in Houston County and sentenced to life in prison for his role in a double murder.

Each year, the Georgia Supreme Court travels outside Atlanta to hear cases for the purpose of making the court’s business and the judicial process more accessible to the public. Thursday’s session will be held in the Billy C. Black Auditorium of Albany State University, which is listed among the nation’s top Historically Black Colleges and Universities by U.S. News & World Report.

The public and media are welcome to attend the session.

The current justices of the state Supreme Court, their year of appointment, appointing governor and schools attended are:

— Harold Melton: (Chief Justice); 2005 (Chief Justice 2018–present); Sonny Perdue (R); University of Georgia School of Law

— David Nahmias: (Presiding Justice); 2009; Sonny Perdue (R); Harvard Law School

— Robert Benham: 1989; Joe Frank Harris (D); University of Georgia School of Law

— Carol W. Hunstein: 1992; Zell Miller (D); Stetson University College of Law

— Keith R. Blackwell: 2012; Nathan Deal (R); University of Georgia School of Law

— Michael P. Boggs: 2017; Nathan Deal (R); Walter F. George School of Law

— Nels S.D. Peterson: 2017; Nathan Deal (R); Harvard Law School

— Sarah Hawkins Warren: 2018; Nathan Deal (R); Duke University School of Law

— Charlie Bethel: 2018; Nathan Deal (R); University of Georgia School of Law

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