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For the most part, laws are enacted that make life easier and safer for citizens. There are some laws, however, that leave a person shaking his or her head. The following laws are all from the United States. Many of the laws are either not enforced or have been repealed. But, just for the fun of it…

— In Utah, first cousins may marry under the following circumstances: a) both parties are 65 years of age or older; or b) if both parties are 55 years of age or older, upon a finding by the district court, located in the district in which either party resides, that either party is unable to reproduce.

— It is illegal to sell alcohol in Delaware where it is illegal.

— In Wisconsin, it is illegal to use X-ray machines to fit shoes.

— It shall be unlawful for passengers or occupants aboard a public transportation vehicle to operate, wear or use roller skates, skateboards, Pogo sticks…unless so directed by an employee or agent of the operator in Fairfax County, Virginia.


In Michigan it is illegal for a wife to do what without her husband

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