ALBANY Students enrolled at Albany Technical College now have an opportunity to access the internet through a PC computer stick that easily plugs into an HDMI port on a television or monitor. Students will need to use their HDTV (with HDMI port or HDMI display) and wireless keyboard/mouse combo to connect to the Pocket PC computer stick. Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo are recommended.

Checking out a mini PC computer stick will be much like checking out a book. Albany Technical College has purchased 100 Intel Pocket PC computer sticks for students. Intel Pocket PC computer sticks are now available at the Anthony O. Parker Ph.D. Library on the campus of Albany Technical College. Students can check-out the Pocket PC computer stick for the entire semester.

PC sticks are a low-cost alternative to laptops for students/staff to access online coursework. This stick isn’t a laptop replacement, and the performance is limited but can be used to provide alternative options due to financial or availability limitations.

“As online learning enrollment increases, we need to make sure that we support our students in their access to technology,” Marcia Poulos, Albany Tech’s Predominantly Black Institution Project Director, said. “Our commitment through the PBI grant is to enhance online learning and services and provide students with an avenue to better ensure academic preparedness and further the ability for students to continue moving toward successful course and program completion.”

The library check-out procedure entails:

♦ Students will need to bring their current class schedule, student ID, and driver’s license to validate their enrollment status;

♦ Students must complete the Pocket PC computer stick check-out form and agree to the loan’s terms and

♦ conditions;

♦ Student must be a current ATC student and must present a valid driver’s license, validated student ID card, and current class schedule;

♦ Student must agree to return all equipment listed above in the same condition as it was issued by the designated date specified. The student’s account will be charged for replacement cost if the equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned by the date designated. A hold may also be placed on the student’s Banner account until equipment is returned and all fines paid;

♦ Upon return, the equipment will be inspected for damages, etc.

The operation of the PC computer stick is simple. It comes tailored for the individual student with all apps installed that they will need for classwork. The software OS is Windows 10 Home, and the username and password are set up when a student receives the hardware and the software is installed.

The students must return the Pocket PC computer stick at the end of each semester. The loaned Pocket PC computer sticks will be checked for damages and missing components. Fees may be charged accordingly if damages or missing components are discovered. At the beginning of the next semester, the student may re-check out the Pocket PC computer sticks again if needed.

The current pandemic has created a sharp increase in online classes. Approximately 70% of our courses are being offered online. And Albany Tech is practicing recommended procedures for in-person instruction for the labs.

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