T. Gamble (“Swimming against the tide of climate change,” May 14) suggests the latest climate change data is not reliable because it’s published in “Nature Climate Change,” a publication he assumes exists to make a profit by exploiting climate change fears.

“Nature Climate Change” is part of the journal “Nature,” the world’s most highly cited interdisciplinary science journal. It’s been in existence since 1869. Next to a Nobel Prize, every scientific researcher’s highest aspiration is to have a paper published in “Nature.”

Gamble has lots of climate denier myths, distortions and misinformation, and misconceptions in his column. You can see all of those disproven by volunteer climate scientists using peer-reviewed data, on the award-winning Skeptical Science website.

The entire, worldwide scientific community disagrees with Gamble on AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming).

The fact that over 97 percent of climate scientists say AGW is manmade is prominently displayed on the National Academy of Sciences website. Every scientific body of national or international standing (230 of them) concurs. So does every climate scientist publishing in peer-reviewed science journals worldwide (10,855 papers.)

Climate denial pseudoscience comes from Fox News, a number of right-wing “think tanks” and websites clandestinely funded by the fossil fuel industry. See The DeSmog Blog (One of Time’s top 10 blogs) for documentation. Also read/watch “Merchants of Doubt,” now on YouTube, and Scientific American’s “Dark Money” and “How to make Friends and Bamboozle People About Climate Change.” Climate denial is a GOP-sponsored, corporate-funded scam.

If you haven’t had the wool pulled over your eyes by the Koch brother’s and ExxonMobil’s multimillion dollar climate denial operation, and you want to do something about climate change, see website of the volunteer Citizens Climate Lobby. They have a market solution that’s virtually free.


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