ALBANY — Belying claims that the hospital system is not paying taxes on properties not used for medical purposes, Phoebe Putney Health System has compiled a document showing that the health system paid slightly less than a million dollars in taxes and in voluntary payments in lieu of taxes in 2019.

Phoebe Health System CEO Scott Steiner had copies of a document showing taxes paid on all Phoebe-owned properties hand-delivered to city officials on Monday. The Albany Herald obtained a copy of the document.

The document shows the hospital system made $552,675.90 in voluntary payments on properties associated with the Phoebe North facility that was formerly the Palmyra Medical Center, including properties on 13th and 14th streets, Aberdeen Road, Dawson Road and Palmyra Road. The hospital system paid $25,898.83 in taxes on the vacant restaurant at 2807 Meredyth Drive and $57,417.45 for the vacant grocery store at 2826 Meredyth. The document also lists payments of $276,021.86, $4,943, $8344.54 and $118,594.04 for taxes paid on property, inventory and equipment.

Phoebe Health System also paid $85,866.86 in taxes on Meredyth Drive properties owned by the hospital system but occupied by other parties.

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In a message attached to the document, Steiner wrote, “Several commissioners were interested in understanding the facts with respect to taxes paid on Phoebe property not currently being used for a nonprofit health care purpose, including properties on Meredyth Drive and on the former Palmyra Medical Center property. We thought it would be helpful to provide that information in a single document for ease of reference.

“Attached is a list of the Phoebe properties and the tax paid on these, along with a list of the exempt properties on which Phoebe makes a voluntary payment in lieu of taxes (V-PILOT). We trust the commission will find this reference helpful in answering the questions posed.”

Steiner was in a meeting and unavailable when The Herald attempted to contact him Tuesday morning.

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