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The 4-C Academy awarded Procter & Gamble its first Industry Partner of the Year award. From left, 4-C Academy board chairman Chandu Kuntawala, students Madison Giggey and Dohnovon Walker; P&G Plant Manager Werhner Washington, and 4-C Academy CEO Chris Hatcher took part in the award presentation.

ALBANY — According to Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy President/CEO Chris Hatcher, it was an easy selection for the 4-C Academy board when choosing their first Industry Partner of the Year, a new award that recognizes the industry/business partner that has made significant contributions to help the academy advance its mission.

“We are so fortunate to have such strong support from all of our business community,” said Hatcher. “But as we began putting this award together, Procter & Gamble was the clear choice for our first annual award.”

Hatcher acknowledged the company’s support for 4-C from the very beginning.

“Procter & Gamble has been involved with us from the very start,” he said. “They are incredibly supportive of area robotics and STEM programs and have made significant investments by sponsoring area robotics teams and enabling high schools to field teams and compete. These sponsorships, however, are just the beginning.

“P&G developed an internship program with 4-C students in Albany Tech’s Industrial Operations Technician program, where students worked alongside P&G employees learning about the business and careers in manufacturing. What an amazing opportunity! It is extremely powerful for high school students to have the opportunity to interact with a plant manager, engineers and technicians from one of the world’s largest and most respected companies. It is hugely impactful for our students, and we can’t thank Procter & Gamble enough.”

Werhner Washington, P&G Albany’s plant manager, shared his passion for education in accepting the award.

“We have been excited about the 4-C Academy from the beginning and have been proud to partner (with them),” Washington said. “The fact that our business community, our regional school systems and our post-secondary institutions can come together at the 4-C Academy with the sole mission to prepare young students for their futures is a huge asset for this community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the 4-C Academy, and I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the entire P&G team.”

The award was presented at the June 12 board meeting of the Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy.

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