ALBANY — While the full "Chasing the Moon" documentary series with American Experience and Public Broadcasting Service will not air until July, community members will get an exclusive look at Part 3 of the series on June 29.

Christina Shepherd, head of reference for the Dougherty County Public Library System, said officials at the library system were contacted by an official from American Experience about the possibility of a pre-screening. 

Shepherd immediately told them that they were interested in holding a pre-screening and explained that the topic of the documentary, which details the space race of the 1960s, fit perfectly with this year's summer reading program theme.

"The Georgia Public Libraries chose to participate in the comprehensive summer reading program, which chose their theme 'A Universe of Stories,'" Shepherd said. "The reason they went with that is because is coincides with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing." 

"Chasing the Moon" will detail the politics behind the space race and the other social and political factors from that time that impacted the quest to reach the moon. 

Shepherd said the portion that she chose for the library's public screening has some information about peaceful protests with Civil Rights Leader Ralph Abernathy. 

"It talks about the federal government working with him, and I thought that was something that the people here at Dougherty would really be able to relate with,"  she said.

Shepherd said she also thinks that seeing a documentary that looks so closely at the space race and moon landing may also help to combat misinformation that has long been spread about the event. 

"There's still a lot of people who think the moon landing was a conspiracy," Shepherd said. "I think for us to be able to see what else was happening ... (that would) help prove (for doubters) that it was real." 

The pre-screening will be shown at the Central Branch of the Dougherty County Public Library System on June 29 at 3 p.m. The portion of the documentary being shown is approximately 40 minutes. 

The full documentary will air on PBS July 8-10 from 9-11 p.m.  each night.

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