RICHMOND HILL — Shooters ... take aim. A recently renovated shooting and archery range at Richmond Hill Wildlife Management Area officially reopens to the public on Tuesday. It becomes one of the more than 40 archery and shooting ranges currently available on public land in Georgia.

The renovation work was extensive and took nine months to complete. Some of the improvements include:

Shooting Range

♦ Completely renovated the 100-yard rifle range firing line, increasing the number of shooting stations to 14 and adding a new cover;

♦ Added a 10-station, 50-yard pistol range with a new firing line cover;

♦ Added an indoor and an outdoor classroom;

♦ Increased ADA accessibility throughout the range;

♦ Added ceiling fans and hot/cold lights, along with a PA system, under each firing line cover.

Archery Range

♦ 4 static archery range target stations;

♦ Archery tower with six 3D targets; and

♦ Addition of a 3D archery trail with 15 targets.

This range will serve as a resource for area shooting enthusiasts. Range Safety Officers are on site to assist and ensure safe operations for all users. Users need to bring their own gear.

The renovation work was made possible by hunters and shooters. The Wildlife Restoration Program, which funded a large portion of the project, is a federal program funded by hunters and shooters through excise taxes on the equipment they purchase and use, such as firearms, ammunition and archery equipment. Money from the sale of hunting licenses also are an important source of funding for this project.

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