Perdue appointed to chair Senate subcommittees

U.S. Sen. David Perdue

ATLANTA — U.S. Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., raised nearly $3 million during the second quarter of this year, the first-term senator’s campaign announced Wednesday.

While that’s less than the $3.45 million Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff brought in during April, May and June, Perdue is sitting on a huge campaign war chest of $10.7 million for the November election.

“Georgians are making a clear statement that they strongly support Sen. David Perdue’s record of bipartisan results and his positive vision for our state,” said Ben Fry, Perdue’s campaign manager. “Our campaign’s continued fundraising success shows that conservatives aren’t taking this race for granted as we step up to hold the radical left accountable.”

Recent polls show the race between Perdue and Ossoff is tight. Democratic voters turned out in huge numbers in last month’s primary and are expected to remain energized throughout the upcoming campaign.

Both sides have taken to the airwaves since the June primaries, with Perdue and Ossoff running their own TV ads along with ads funded by outside organizations.

Of the $2.97 million Perdue raised during the second quarter, $2.23 million came from the campaign. The rest of the funds were raised from outside donors, including the Georgia Republican Party.

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Red dog

We don't want a loser like Ossoff to win. We love our state of Georgia and don't need someone like Ossoff to destroy it, just like we didn't want that Flag Burner Stacey Abrams as Governor to destroy the great state of Georgia.

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