ALBANY — The work of two Albany artists, Kirby Gregory and Madye Carter, will make up the exhibition “Set in Stone,” which is set to open at the Albany Area Arts Council on Thursday night.

Gregory and Carter have known each other, according to Carter, for more than 15 years and have shown exhibitions together in the past.

“I like what she does; she likes what I do,” Gregory said. “We just mesh fairly easily.”

Gregory’s part of the exhibition will include his works of stoneware and pottery, which he has made and sold in and around the Albany area since the late ’70s.

Carter’s large and colorful paintings, which were mostly inspired by macro photography of rocks, will make up the other half of the show.

“(The show) is interesting with stoneware and then work that comes from stone,” said AAAC Director Nicole Williams. “The two are pretty symbiotic in their aesthetic even if the medium is totally different.”

Carter agreed that the two bodies of work mesh well together.

“Most all of my paintings except for two are depictions of rocks, and Kirby does stoneware,” she said. “I just made that connection of ‘Set In Stone.’ I paint stones and his work essentially is stones. It is clay made from Earth, made from rocks as well.

“His work is so playful and I love all the line work, and I love his glazes and his colors. I feel like his work has a lot of energy in it, and I feel mine does as well. I feel like we play off each other really well because (of) the line work; we like textures, we like movement, and I think they look like they make sense together.”

Carter said she hoped that those who see the show are able to see the positivity and happiness behind it.

“It’s like a feast for the eyes in the texture and the color and the movement,” she said. “It’s a very happy show. I think it’s upbeat and fun.”

The show will officially open with a reception on Thursday from 6-8 p.m., which is free and open to the public. The show will then be available for viewing during the Arts Council’s regular hours beginning on July 15 and running until Aug. 22.

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