Gov. Brian Kemp

WASHINGTON — Georgia U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff announced early Sunday that a deal has been reached between SK International and LG Energy Solutions to protect an estimated 2,600 skilled jobs in Commerce.

Over multiple meetings with senior executives from both companies and in close consultation with senior Biden Administration officials, Sen. Ossoff jump-started negotiations that were at an impasse a week ago to secure a deal and save 2,600 Georgia jobs, working behind the scenes to secure a settlement that saved the Georgia battery plant ahead of an April 11 presidential veto deadline.

“A week ago, talks between these companies had stalled and 2,600 Georgia jobs were at risk,” Ossoff said. “My team and I led the effort to re-open negotiations and secure a settlement that has saved the battery plant in Commerce, ensuring thousands of jobs, billions in future investment, and that Georgia will be a leader in electric vehicle battery production for years to come.

“I am appreciative that leadership at both SKI and LGES were willing to communicate daily with me and my team over the last week to jump-start negotiations and resolve the impasse that threatened Georgia jobs. I am also thankful to President Biden’s team and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai for their partnership in this effort.”

Gov. Brian Kemp called the settlement “fantastic news” in a Sunday news release.

“The announcement of a settlement between SK innovation and LG Energy Solution is fantastic news for northeast Georgia and our state’s growing electric vehicle industry,” Kemp said. “Our state attracted this massive $2.6 billion investment because of Georgia’s pro-growth leadership, and I have personally participated in countless meetings, calls and other conversations to make sure this project and the 2,600 expected jobs continued to move forward.

“I want to offer a special thank you to local leadership in Jackson County and the city of Commerce, our incredible partners with the government of South Korea both here and in Seoul, as well as the Office of the United States Trade Representative for assisting the two companies through the settlement negotiations process.”

SKI CEO and President Jun Kim praised Ossoff’s work to secure this deal.

“When the future of the plant was in jeopardy, Sen. Ossoff provided leadership and helped us achieve a path forward,” Kim said. “This successful outcome will lead to billions more in investment in Georgia. The state is now positioned to be the nation’s leader in electric vehicle battery production.”

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