Breman Museum

Several libraries in southwest Georgia will host the banner exhibit "Eighteen Artifacts" from the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta over the coming months. 

SYLVESTER — Southwest Georgia library patrons will have a chance to experience an exhibit from the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta without having to leave Southwest Georgia.

Through a partnership between the Georgia Public Library Service and the museum, libraries statewide will welcome the exhibit into their communities. Southwest Georgia residents will have the chance to see artifacts from the museum at four different locations from July to December.

Margaret Jones Public Library in Sylvester is the first library in the area to receive the 20-panel exhibit based on the museum’s “Eighteen Artifacts: Story of Jewish Atlanta” exhibit. The exhibit is on display currently and will be at the library in Sylvester until Aug. 18.

“We are delighted to host the Breman Museums’s traveling exhibit in south Georgia,” Worth County Public Library Director Leigh Wiley said. “The ‘Eighteen Artifacts’ exhibit brings the museum right here in Worth County, and this is a great opportunity for families to learn of the significant people, places and events of Jewish history in Atlanta as well as Georgia.”

From the Margaret Jones Public Library in Sylvester, the exhibit will travel to Leesburg to the Lee County Library System, where it will be displayed from Aug. 22to Sept. 22. The exhibit will then travel to the Dougherty County Public Library System and be on display from Sept. 24 to Oct. 24. Lastly, it will travel to Camilla to the Desoto Trail Library System and be on display from Oct. 28 to Dec. 4.

Susanne Katz, director of exhibitions at the Atlanta museum, said the exhibit shows the important contributions Jewish figures made in Atlanta and Georgia as a whole.

“Jewish contributions to the history of Atlanta can be found in curious places,” Katz said. “Be it the civil rights movement, Coca-Cola, Home Depot — Jewish figures were integral in the development of the Atlanta we know today.”

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