Hand sanitizer produced at Pretoria Fields Brewery in Albany was made available to the public when supplies ran low.

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp announced Monday a list and interactive map of Georgia companies that have signed up to help businesses obtain personal protective equipment and health care supplies to fight COVID-19. The Georgia Suppliers Interactive Map and List, compiled by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), includes more than 220 Georgia companies providing needed protective supplies, along with an interactive map displaying business location and a tool to sort supplies by category.

“When we asked Georgia businesses to aid with needed supplies in our fight against COVID-19, they answered that call,” Kemp said in a news release. “I thank all of the hard-working Georgians and businesses who have made these supplies available. We are all in this together, and this new resource will help Georgia companies source the supplies necessary for keeping their employees and customers safe, while remaining open for business.”

As the state continues to make progress in getting back to business, Georgia enterprises are encouraged to use the list and map as a free resource. Potential buyers are also reminded that they will need to do their own vetting of listed companies as they obtain needed supplies. Whether a restaurant, clothing boutique, manufacturing plant, or any of the many companies that call Georgia home, this resource will help businesses find supplies critical for keeping Georgians safe. At the same time, it will allow Georgia businesses to continue to support each other and keep valuable dollars in the state.

Serving as a liaison between the state of Georgia and the private sector, GDEcD’s Centers of Innovation division compiled the list alongside countless Georgia companies that pulled together, retooled their machines, and worked to provide the most critical goods and services for fighting COVID-19. The list remains dynamic, and new businesses will be added periodically.

“Our strong relationships across the state of Georgia have proven vital in the fight against COVID-19,” GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson said. “Led by our Centers of Innovation, the Georgia Department of Economic Development has been proud to work across divisions to aid the state’s business community during COVID-19. Public-private partnerships continue to produce quality results, and I thank all of the companies who have stepped up to help their fellow Georgians by producing these critical supplies that will help keep us safe and get back to business.”

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