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CAMILLA — STREAMWORKS, located at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn., will present its Robot Drone League 2021 Challenge “Dragon Fly” robotics competition here Saturday.

Robot Drone League has issued a STEM challenge to local students: Design and build a robot and drone that can locate vital elements in a simulated space adventure, install scientific equipment to monitor seismic activity and solve complex STEM questions utilizing the camera on a drone, all of which will be hosted on a fully automated 30-foot x 40-foot challenge field specifically designed for this robotics competition.

An annual event, the RDL robotics competition encourages students to learn and apply science, technology, engineering and math skills as student-led teams design and build machines to solve STEM-themed challenges. These competitive and fun events are critical in preparing students for a future in a technologically advanced work force, STREAMWORKS officials said in a news release.

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Students are tasked with creating an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and working together to “design, prototype, build, test, refine, retest” machines to overcome challenging game obstacles within a 10-minute match. This simulated team approach promotes the development of skillsets needed to manage a project and budget, brainstorm solutions, prepare reports and deliver presentations, all while preparing for a possible future career in the 21st century work force.

The RDL robotics competition is supported by local sponsors, including Baconton Community Charter School and the University of Georgia Mitchell County Agricultural Extension, Southwest District.

The event is scheduled for the Mitchell County Ag Center facility located at 4590 Georgia Highway 37 East in Camilla, starting at 10 a.m. COVID-19-safe practices are required, including the wearing of face masks and social distancing. For more information, contact Dennis Courtney at or Debra Cox at

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