tracy taylor

Tracy Taylor

ALBANY — Tracy Taylor, who was elected to replace Stephen Brimberry as chairman of the Dougherty County Republican Party, was recently elected to serve on the party’s State Committee for the 2nd Congressional District.

The action was taken at the GOP’s district meeting in Atapulgus. Brandon Phillips was named district State Committee chairman at the meeting.

“I think this is pretty significant,” Taylor, a Waycross firefighter who lives in Albany, said. “I keep talking up our community up and down the state, and what I’ve found is that people in positions of authority in the Republican Party are willing to listen. I think people are still a little surprised that a young African-American man is so heavily involved in the party, but they understand where I’m coming from when we start talking about values.

“I’m a family man, and the values that are important to me are the same values embraced by the Republican Party.”

Taylor was elected to serve as chair of the Dougherty GOP shortly after he lost the House District 153 general election to CaMia Hopson. He had run for office previously as a Democrat but switched parties before qualifying for the House seat as a Republican.

Taylor said his election to the district’s State Committee shows that he is on the right track politically.

“As a member of the State Committee, I’ll have the opportunity to help develop policy that we’ll recommend to our state and national officials,” he said. “That’s a responsibility I take seriously. I think more and more people in Dougherty County appreciate the fact that I’m representing their interests.”

Others are taking note as well. Noted political blogger Don Cole mentioned Taylor in one of his recent posts on his “Common Sense from D.C. (Not Washington)” blog. Cole said Taylor is helping “develop good policy (in the 2nd Congressional District) not based on race but on values that are common to southwest Georgians.”

Taylor said he’s weighing his options as they relate to his political future, but he hinted that he is “keeping an eye” on the Albany mayoral race.

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