ALBANY — The tables and bar at The Flint restaurant in downtown Albany were packed on Wednesday night.

The restaurant is less than a week away from its grand opening, but some community members got an exclusive look at the restaurant and menu at a second soft opening.

“We’re very very blessed,” said The Flint owner Glenn Singfield. “A lot of people showed up. It’s exciting.”

The menu featured a variety of classic American dishes with a Southern flair, including oxtails over rice, lamb chops, a fried chicken sandwich, burgers, fried catfish and much more — what Singfield called a “full American menu.”

While many people expected The Flint to be another seafood restaurant, considering the Singfield family own Albany Fish Company, Singfield said they wanted to serve a more diverse menu at the new restaurant.

“Albany has a need for a lot of things, and one of those things is not just fish,” Singfield said. “One of those things is a place that you can come, sit back in an atmosphere that’s a little more, not necessarily high-end, but more adult-minded.”

The decor of the restaurant followed a similar theme of the food in being sophisticated with a Southern flair. Singfield described it as “industrial chic.”

The brick walls and light fixtures did lend themselves to the industrial side, and stuffed deer heads and a stuffed bobcat on the top of a large wine rack brought out the “Southern flair,” alongside art pieces portraying cotton bolls, Creek Indians and arrowheads.

“What’s great about this is all of the art is by local artists,” Singfield said. “All of the art, every picture you see, is for sale. All of the woodwork was done by local people. The theme here is all about the river with the cotton bolls on the back, the Creek Indians on the wall, all of the brick. The deer (and bobcat) were killed on the Flint River. We’re very pleased to showcase Albany. That’s what this is.”

After a busy night of speaking the with restaurant’s very first guests, Singfield said he had heard a great response so far.

“They think the food is good,” Singfield said. “We knew that we had an outstanding chef, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my son. He’s very passionate about his food.

“We think Albany has embraced this concept. A lot of people are here, a lot of people of different persuasions are here. That’s important to us. We’re a restaurant for everybody.”

The restaurant will have its grand opening and ribbon-cutting at 3:30 p.m. Monday. It is located at 112 Pine Avenue.

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