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TIFTON — A now former nurse practitioner who worked with the Southwell Inc. health care system here has been fired after posting a racially charged Facebook rant, officials with the health system said.

Joe Pitts referred to members of the Black Lives Matter movement as “pieces of sh--” and suggested “true Americans” should “meet up with these pieces of sh-- and show them they don’t matter.”

A person who labeled herself a “Concerned RN” sent a copy of the post to The Albany Herald,” and Southwell officials confirmed that the post was indeed legitimate and the person who had posted it was no longer an employee with the health system.

“In response to those who have shared concerns about a social media post by a Southwell employee, please be assured that the views of this individual do not represent my personal views or the views of Southwell,” the health system said in a post on its social media sites and in response to a request for comment from The Albany Herald. “It is our mission to care for the health needs of our patients and the communities we serve – and it is our commitment to do so with kindness and respect for all. We do not tolerate discrimination – period. We take all allegations of wrongdoing seriously and will swiftly review and address any such accusations in an appropriate manner.

“As a follow-up to our 6/24 statement, this individual does not represent the views of Southwell and is no longer affiliated with our organization.”

The post sent to the Herald reads, in part:

“ ... (E)nough is enough. This Black Lives Matter sh-- needs to stop. All this has done is legalize looting and racism on their behalf. ... What needs to happen is for true Americans to meet up with these pieces of sh-- and show them they don’t matter. To disgrace this country and the people that lost their lives to give these pieces of sh-- freedom should be a crime. ... So, all the Black Lives Matter pieces of sh-- need to do a reality check, and if they feel they are unhappy with this country, they can always leave. That’s right, they don’t want to give up their welfare and food stamps so they want (sic) leave.”

Phoebe Putney Health System CEO/President Scott Steiner said Friday he had talked with Southwell officials about the incident.

“When I read what he had posted ... well, there’s no way anyone who feels that way can legitimately work in a health care setting and say he is giving all of his patients his best care,” Steiner said. “There’s no way you can keep someone like that.”

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Red dog

I don't agree with that guy's attitude, but I do agree that if anybody (Black, White or whatever) doesn't like it here in America where you have freedom (Democrats want to take away our freedoms by the way) then you are free to move somewhere else. Since most Democrats like basement Joe Biden love China so much, maybe they should move there, or they could move to Venezuela. After a few month there, they will be begging to come back to the United States.

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