Wedding vows are renewed at Herald

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- For some people, there isn't a home family and a work family. There is just family.

So when Albany Herald employees Sarah and Lewis decided to renew their vows as husband and wife, who better to share it with than their co-workers?

So Friday afternoon, that's just what they did at the Washington Street offices of The Albany Herald.

"We don't have a lot of family close by. It's just us and our immediate family. So when we thought to do this, we wanted it to be here, with our Albany Herald family," Sarah Hunter said, following the service.

While the lobby of The Herald is hardly an ornate cathedral, a simple wooden trellis decorated with ribbon and flowers positioned just in front of one of the Herald's antique linotype machines, made for the perfect location for Sarah and Lewis to rededicate themselves to each other.

With tears in their eyes and a few dozen co-workers clinging to every word, Sarah and Lewis pledged their love and support to each other much the same way they did in 2003.

And, the original wedding jitters found their way back into the service all these years later.

"I was nervous," Sarah said. "But I love him and we made it through it."

"It's funny how those feelings come back just like it was the day we did this," Lewis said.

As for the honeymoon, the couple said they're likely headed for a simple getaway to the Gulf Coast over the weekend before heading back to work in the Herald's circulation department, making sure the day's news gets to the customers each morning.

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