ALBANY – A section of land where workers have been clearing land adjacent to Albany State University will get even busier in coming weeks as a privately owned student-housing development starts rising from the ground.

On Tuesday, project developer Davis Properties and city and university officials broke ground at the site on Radium Springs Road during an afternoon ceremony. The scheduled completion of the three-building complex is August 2020.

The development will house up to 216 ASU students beginning with the next school year.

“It’s very exciting,” company representative Matt Davis said during an interview following the groundbreaking ceremony. “It was a great turnout.”

Davis said he initially planned a lager project that would have been ready in fall 2021.

“We were asked to redesign the facility and deliver it for ’20,” he said. “It’s to the city’s credit (that) they have made that possible. We’ll probably start to go vertical (building construction) in about a month.

“I can’t say enough about (Albany City Manager) Sharon Subadan. We have had tremendous support from the city, city officials, all the departments.”

ASU has an economic impact of more than $244 million on the region annually, he said, and employs more than 2,800 people.

“So when you think of the trickle-down impact of the 2,800 employees; they eat at restaurants, shop at businesses, they buy homes,” he said.

“I’m just extremely impressed with the leadership of Albany State, President Marion Fedrick and the direction this university is headed. The future is very bright for this university.”

Davis has described the units as somewhat of a mixture of apartment and dorm living, with a pool at the center of the three buildings.

Davis, who recently moved his family to Albany, said he already has other projects in the works in the southwest Georgia area.

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