Zoo Atlanta has welcomed Hamlet, a 19-month-old male warthog, to the all-new African Savanna.

ATLANTA – Zoo Atlanta has welcomed Hamlet, a 19-month-old male warthog, to the all-new African Savanna. A recent arrival from the Houston Zoo in Texas, Hamlet began exploring his new habitat earlier this week.

Hamlet has arrived as a companion for Eleanor, the 6-year-old female warthog at Zoo Atlanta. As he is gradually acclimating to his new environment, there is not yet a guarantee of seeing him.

“We’re excited to introduce Hamlet to the African Savanna,” Jennifer Mickelberg, vice president of collections and conservation at the zoo, said. “Warthogs are animals that many people consider iconic to a legendary part of Africa. The animals that are part of this environment are all emblematic of the connectedness of this ecosystem – and of the connections between us here in Atlanta and the future of Africa’s wild savannas.”

Native to sub-Saharan Africa, wild warthog populations are currently widespread but are in decline as a result of drought, desertification, and human-caused habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. Warthogs are highly resilient animals and are more adaptable to human activities than most of the other mammals that share their grasslands ecosystem.

Hamlet is the second relatively recent new addition to the complement of wildlife found at Zoo Atlanta’s African Savanna. In May, the Zoo welcomed Mumbles, a 9-year old southern white rhinoceros – the first of his species to call Zoo Atlanta home. The African Savanna also features new and expanded habitats for elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and meerkats.

To download images and video of Hamlet, use the app.box.com/s/ojodd9dkt8in641trq5i8nfyico2gh97, password: hamlethamlethamlet.

Zoo Atlanta is open daily with new protocols and procedures in place to promote wellness and prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include timed ticketing (tickets must be purchased online in advance); a largely one-way experience through the zoo; hand-sanitizing stations throughout the grounds; and signage and other aids to encourage social distancing. Masks are currently required for general admission for all guests over the age of 10. Certain optional paid experiences, including giraffe feeding, the Endangered Species Carousel, and zoo train, require masks for all guests ages 2 and up. Learn more or plan a visit on zooatlanta.org.

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