Dear editor:

Regarding the recent article by ‘Staff Reports’ entitled "Secretary of State condemns appointment of conspiracy theorist": This isn’t my idea of good reporting – it’s unsigned and promotes and echoes the press release by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger while failing to add any additional reporting on alternate viewpoints.

The anonymous author states that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre “… spread stolen elections conspiracy theories related to Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election.”

My recollection about that election is that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp declined to step down from his duties to administer the election while he was running for governor, and that he didn’t exert himself to ensure that election machinery was running smoothly in places where large numbers were likely to vote against him. The resulting long waits could have discouraged enough voters to tip the election in Kemp’s favor given the razor-thin margin of 55,000 votes out of millions cast.

All of this is well-documented in papers such as the Atlanta Journal Constitution and is hardly the stuff of conspiracy theory. The opinion page might be a better spot for articles such as the above.

Seth Bigelow


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