I remember especially the first newspaper story of mine that Phil Hudgins edited.

It’s vital that I remember my kin and how hard they struggled, for then I can be undergirded by that reality when I’m driven to my wit’s end by my craft.

As a public service, I want to share with you the latest political data in order to help you decide for whom to vote in next week’s elections. If you have already voted, hopefully it will confirm the wisdom of your decision or let you bang your head against the wall for being such a dimwit.

While many seem convinced that the United States will never recover from the Donald Trump presidency, the truth is that conservatism, the Republican Party and our nation survived Nixon — and we will survive Trump.

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give is a moment of kindness when we stop and listen to those who are facing, as my daddy would say, the setting of the sun.

It is a sight to behold, one that never fails to bring a smile or a laugh to me. One lost dog led us to another and, thankfully, both had a happy ending.

Roosevelt was of the privileged New York elite, so he had no idea how the poverty-plagued Southern region was forced to live. What he saw there would change his heart – and his changed heart would transform all of America during the dark days of the Depression.

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Conditions were perfect on Sept. 22 for the inaugural AMA ChalkFest. The festival will return with professional chalk artists, craft beer, live music, vendors and community activities on Oct. 5, 2019.

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For all intents and purposes, Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was over as soon as Christine Blasey Ford began to read her opening statement.

SPORTS COLUMN: Twenty-five years ago last month, an 18-year-old from suburban Toledo, Ohio, went off to college with two goals in mind: to start a career in journalism and to go see the country.

Deadlines for any working person can be challenging. For those of us who write and must rely on the hand of God and the kindness of a muse to inspire, deadlines can drive you straight to the killing field.

SPORTS COLUMN: The last thing Falcons fans wanted to see in Thursday’s opener at Philadelphia was a field goal festival. Yet, for a half, that’s all either side could muster.

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As grateful as Atlanta Braves fans should be for what has turned into a pennant chase much sooner than expected, there’s that nagging feeling that a reliable bullpen could have made this team one of the majors’ best.

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John McCain’s legacy deserves more than the idiotic infighting that’s made him a political ping-pong ball for small-minded people.

The writer must have caught Mama on a good day because usually she didn’t think she should brag too much on her children. It was too prideful.

The best part about having a private line was that I was then able to call a local bank that had a recording that answered with a rooster crowing before announced the time and temperature.

The report from a Pennsylvania grand jury, which alleges that more than 300 priests abused more than 1,000 children in six Pennsylvania dioceses — including 99 priests from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, which was led for 18 years by Cardinal Donald Wuerl, now archbishop of Washington.


I have said it before and I say it again: If the field at Sanford Stadium is not named for Coach Vincent J. Dooley while he is still around to enjoy the honor, it will be a travesty and an insult to a man who well deserves the recognition.

CHAUNTE’L POWELL ON SPORTS: If WNBA commissioner Lisa Borders wants to continue to see growth, she and NBA commissioner Nate Silver have some soul searching to do.

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On the weekends, when it’s usually just me and my computer here at the corner of Washington and Pine, one of the things I do frequently is stare out the window.

We held hands and she began to pray with scriptures, earnestly asking for divine intervention. It was one of the most impressive prayers I’ve ever heard.

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