Dear Editor,

Our Georgia legislators are holding public hearings to get input prior to the drawing of house, senate and congressional districts. But how will our input be used? There is little public oversight over the process and it is largely done in secret. There is no good reason for this secrecy. We have an opportunity now to attend a Georgia Redistricting Public Hearing and ask our legislators for transparency in the redistricting process.

Legislators should require House and Senate Redistricting Committees to provide a full, timely disclosure of all data algorithms, maps, etc. in time for the public to review and comment, well in advance of legislative votes.

I urge you to attend the July 27th public hearing at Albany at Albany State University’s West Campus Theater, Building J, on 2400 Gillionville Road from 5-7 p.m. Insist that our legislators show their work.

— Sarah O’Leary


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