I just received Sen. Perdue's email posting his article that you put out. I appreciate and agree with his opinion that politics and partisanship have no place in disaster relief. As publisher and editor, though, it is on your shoulders to provide information that is also nonpartisan and not self-contradictory. In truth, there is fault on both sides of the aisle for the shameful delay of relief, not only to Georgia, but to California, the Midwest – disasters throughout our nation.

If Sen. Perdue were really trying to be nonpartisan, he would work to put an end to finger-pointing (which is, in itself, poor leadership.) Instead, he claims to believe in nonpartisanship around disaster relief, and then blames the other party for the problems. This is the definition of playing partisan politics, contradicting his whole "reason" for writing this story. My hunch is that the story was actually written to generate anger and further divide our state and our country.

Additionally, if I want to comment publicly on the article, I have to do it through Facebook. I am not on Facebook, so the only means I have to address the article is through a direct email to (The Herald).

I would ask that you either a) remove his article, b) edit it to support a more unified view of our state and our nation, or c) add an editor's note that the article is self-contradictory because it plays partisan politics.

Also, on the web site, it would be better to have a comment section, similar to most web sites, where you can sign in and leave a comment on an article instead of having to be on a particular social media platform in order to do so.

Thank you for your time,

Paul Marquardt


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