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When Palmyra Park opened in the early ‘70s, with nearly 250 beds, Phoebe did not go out of business, but became a much better hospital than it was. A little competition did wonders.

The ludicrous platform of 10th Congressional District candidate UGA Philosophy Professor Winfield could only exist in two places: the modern American university classroom and Washington, D.C. Both are full of nuts and neither understands $21 trillion in national debt.

In their never-ending battle against the Lee County Medical Center, Dougherty County Commissioners are fighting job opportunities for Dougherty citizens. It’s not just about doctors, technicians and nurses. There will be a need for workers in maintenance, the kitchen/cafeteria, laundry, security, public relations/marketing, etc. Add to that the great potential for ancillary positions outside the hospital in physician offices, pharmacies, restaurants and other businesses serving patients and their families.

Squawker says he’s a Red Elephant. Smelly jack@$$ is more like it.

Our society continues to sink to new lows when the vulgar, obscenity-laced song of Kendrick Lamar receives a Pulitzer. It’s nothing but trash.

The purpose of executive session in governmental bodies is not to hide important information from the members or the public, but to protect the innocent. Those serving on governing bodies should use executive session judiciously and wisely. It should never give the appearance of doing something behind the backs of the constituents or the members.

With the controversy continuing between Phoebe Putney Hospital and Lee County, it’s important to keep a list of the players involved for Dougherty County. Chris Cohilas has an ethical conflict speaking for Dougherty County because his firm represents Phoebe. The attorney for Dougherty County, Spencer Lee, has a wife who worked for many years for Phoebe and is now retired and receiving retirement benefits. Monty Veazey has no personal interest in this except he has milked Phoebe and Dougherty County taxpayers for tens of thousands of dollars. All three have personal financial interest in the outcome and should recuse themselves from any other participation.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world, and no, it is not being perpetrated by the Nazis.

Why is Phoebe Putney doing the uglies to Lee County residents that have to go to the hospital? Let’s get that hospital in Lee County going.

James King speaks the truth, and the truth can be a very, very ugly thing.

This is to the sheriff of Dougherty County: Sir, do you think it’s fair to give one employee a $10,000 pay raise when there are other employees struggling to support their families? There’s too much favoritism in the sheriff’s office.

Here’s a stupid question for you: What do the Avengers have to do with your car insurance?

A middle daughter should be ashamed of herself. Who was there to take care of you girls? Your mother. Your daddy was trying too hard to be a Casanova.

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The pizza franchises & frozen pizza manufacturers in this country should be concerned about just how easy it is to make and bake a delicious homemade pizza in a cast iron skillet in our home ovens. Talk about deep dish deliciousness! With just a little practice my wife can now bake a pizza so tasty I would put it up against any pizza from any restaurant or chain franchise. You can buy the dough ready to go at most grocery stores or use flour at home. The internet is full of recipes for doing just this. Try it,you may be pleasantly surprised!.


Yours truly is like a broken record. Remember old vinyl records when a permanent scratch kept the needle stuck in a groove and would repeat a phrase again and again? I truly believe yours truly is a broken down worn out old insecure vinyl record album that no one plays anymore and belongs at the bottom of the heap of useless recordings. P.S., Remember, your political squawks have re-named you "The incredible Mr. Limp.

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