I used to like to ride my ride bike down the River Walk trail, but lately I’ve lost that desire due to the overgrown underbrush and trash that permeates the trail. If the city cannot or will not keep the trail clean, why can’t we get individuals and businesses to sponsor sections of the trail? They would be responsible for cleaning it up and keeping the brush cut down, and they will be allowed to post a small sign stating that section is sponsored by whoever is keeping it clean.

I would much rather see a sign acknowledging the person or company maintaining a section of the trail instead of a bunch of overgrown weeds and trash.

And, while they are at it and cleaning the underbrush, can they clear our more area on the river side of the trail? It’s a shame to have a “river” trail but you hardly get any views of the river itself because of all the overgrown weeds and trees that need to be trimmed back.

The trail was supposed to be a jewel in the crown of downtown Albany, but it has become an overgrown eyesore full of trash. Albany, it’s citizens, and it’s corporate partners can do better than that, so let’s work together and get it done.

Derrick Cox


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