Halloween will soon be upon us, but I’m not sure it will be the same as years gone by with all the COVID-19 mess still hanging around. I doubt anyone will be scared by any costumes anyway after dealing with the pandemic for almost a year. But Halloween is still the time to go to haunted houses and play around the fringes of evil and darkness.

When I was a kid, we had a Ouija board we pulled out around Halloween. Now back then no one had warned that it might open a portal to the demonic world. Movies now practically confirm you will immediately be drug to the pits of hell upon first touching the board. Back then, we just thought it was good scary fun. The thing never really spelled out much of anything, but we did hear a few scary noises while we were up in the attic trying to hear from the other side. I don’t know why it seemed like the other side would be more likely to be reached in the attic but everybody knows demons and ghosts don’t show up in the TV room with “Bonanza” playing, so that’s where we were. You know I am not an expert on demons or ghosts, but from what I can tell they have very poor tastes in living accommodations.

As far as I know, no one in my group, which consisted of me, my older sister and two of her friends, became possessed, although my sister did move to San Francisco, so it is possible she was possessed and I just did not recognize the symptoms. After no Ouija board success, we moved to the more reliable séance to try and contact the dead. At that age, we really did not know many dead folks, and the ones I knew I didn’t really want to talk with me when they were alive, so I don’t know why I thought it would be better to contact them after they died. Nowadays, I’ve got lots of dead folks I would not mind talking with, and if my mental state doesn’t soon improve, I may start talking to them any day now.

Seances were a big deal for kids when I was growing up. I don’t know if they are anymore. That may be a good thing, as some believe they will open your mind to sinister voices. That may explain what happened to me. Who knows?

Seances require that the room be dark and candlelit. I suppose dead folks do not like electricity, but it is just a fact that the room must be lit only by a candle. If the candle goes out, that is absolute proof a ghost has appeared.

We called upon my dead great grandfather, who I barely knew growing up. He had a kinda bad reputation, having killed three men during his lifetime. We all thought he would make a great séance contact. He never responded. He may have been too busy, given it was around Halloween and maybe he had other things to do. We tried a great aunt, who was to us kids pretty boring in life. She was boring at the séance, too, as we heard not a peep. We then shifted to famous historical figures and tried to get Abraham Lincoln. I’ve never had much success in getting with famous people, and this was no different as Honest Abe remained dead as far as I could tell.

Seances and Ouija boards proved to be a bust. If you want to be scared, really scared, wait until next Tuesday on election night. I’ll be sitting in the attic, under candlelight, talking with great granddad.

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