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World Dairy Expo is now accepting entries for its 53rd-annual Dairy Cattle Show. New this year, online and paper entry forms are due by Sept. 8. Late entries may be submitted online through Sept. 19; paper entries will be honored until the day of the show, both for an increased fee.

New to the Dairy Cattle Show, a Summer Junior Two-Year-Old Cow Class has been added to the International Holstein Show, International Junior Holstein Show, International Red & White Show, and International Junior Red & White Show. Animals exhibited in that class must be born between June 1, 2017, and Aug. 31, 2017, and in milking form at World Dairy Expo.

To be eligible to show, all animals must have an official Canadian Cattle Identification Agency ID -- CCIA -- or U.S. Department of Agriculture animal-identification number radio-frequency-identification tag -- USDA AIN RFID -- or a visual tag number listed on the entry form at the time of submission. Animals lacking that number – or with a pending identification status – will not be accepted. For exhibitors residing within the United States and needing tags with an USDA AIN number, Datamars Inc. is providing 840-series RFID tag sets -- as many as 10 per exhibitor. More information regarding identification requirements is included in the Premium Book.

World Dairy Expo will be held Oct. 1-5, 2019. Entry forms, schedule of events, rules and other updates can be found in the Premium Book – mailed to recent dairy-cattle exhibitors or available online. Visit www.worlddairyexpo.com or contact lbreuch@wdexpo.com or amagnochi@wdexpo.com for more information.

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