Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Rosen on Friday argued that actress Felicity Huffman should serve one month in jail for her role in a massive college admissions scam.

Rosen cited a letter Huffman submitted to the judge last week, in which she tried to explain why she said, in part, that she wanted to give her daughter “a fair shot.” Huffman added she now sees “the irony in that statement.”

“With all due respect to the defendant,” Rosen said, “welcome to parenthood.”

“Most parents,” he added, “have the moral compass and integrity not to step over the line. The defendant did not.”

Huffman will spend 14 days in prison, one year of probation, perform 250 hours of community service and pay a $30,000 fine.

Eddie Money, ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ singer, dead at 70

Eddie Money, the singer and songwriter that was known for hits from the 1970s and 1980s such as “Baby Hold On” and “Take Me Home Tonight,” died Friday morning following complications from esophageal cancer, his family announced.

He was 70.

“It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our loving husband and father. It’s so hard to imagine our world without him, however he will live on forever through his music,” the Money family’s statement read.

Money first announced his cancer diagnosis last month in a clip for the second season of his reality TV show, “Real Money.”

“I thought I was just going in to get a checkup, and he told me I got cancer,” Money said in the clip.

The singer was diagnosed last fall and said he wanted to be open about his battle.

Money is survived by his wife, Laurie, and five children, Jessie, Dez, Joe, Julian and Zach.

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey release video

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey have released the video for their new “Charlie’s Angels” song.

The talented trio sing “Don’t Call Me Angel” on the soundtrack for the movie, directed by Elizabeth Banks, who also makes a cameo in the video.

Released at midnight Friday, the video shows Grande, Cyrus, and Del Rey, wearing angel wings and acting as secret agents.

“Boy, don’t call me angel,” Grande sings. “You ain’t got me right. Don’t call me angel. You can’t pay my price.”

The singer had been teasing “Don’t Call Me Angel” on social media this week.

“Don’t call me angel when I’m a mess,” Cyrus sings. “Don’t call me angel when I get undressed. You know I, I don’t like that, boy. I make my money, and I write the checks, so say my name with a little respect.”

“Charlie’s Angels” hits theaters Nov. 15.

— From wire reports

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