Dougherty head coach Johnny Gilbert (left) stands with Isaiah Donaldson who has been selected to compete at the Blue-Grey All Star game in Atlanta on January 13. The game will be played at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Doughtery High senior Isaiah Donaldson will be playing football in January. The senior defensive tackle for the Dougherty Trojans has been selected to participate in the Blue-Grey All-Star game at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta in January.

“It is an amazing opportunity to showcase my talents and abilities in front of a lot of college coaches and on television,” Donaldson said in an interview earlier this week. “I am so grateful to have coaches that are pushing us and helping us get exposure. Hopefully, me getting this exposure will help bring more scouts to Albany to see the talent we have at Dougherty.”

Donaldson was one of 55 players chosen from more than 5,000 applicants. The game will take place on January 13th in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. The Blue-Grey game has been a staple in high school football since its inception in 1989. The game was started to give high school football players the opportunity to play in front of college coaches in big arenas and on television.

“It’s a big deal,” said Dougherty head coach Johnny Gilbert. “Getting the opportunity to play at this type of event can open more doors for these players. I am proud of Isaiah for being selected.”

Donaldson, a senior at Dougherty who plays both offense and defense, started playing football at the age of four. For the Blue-Grey game he was selected for defense. Donaldson is hoping his exposure will get him college scholarship offers so he can pursue a degree in either pre-law or pre-med.

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