July 4th weekend just south of Albany included drag racing for a crowd of south Georgia enthusiasts as the racing engines roared and the exhaust fumes filled the air Saturday night at the U.S. 19 Drag Raceway. Entrants from all over the south came to Albany with different types of vehicles to win the cash prizes, but most came to see the cars, hear the engines and watch the fun. There were classic cars, pick up trucks, motorcycles and more at the strip near Putney.

Drag Raceway owner Bobby Childs said the dragway had a few issues because of the rain that had fallen prior to the start of the night’s events, but his crew worked diligently to ensure the best and safest runs possible for the drivers.

The winners from the night were:

28/29 WINNER: Robert Itani of West Palm Beach, Florida.

28/29 RUNNER UP: Roger Bishop of Perry.

6.50 WINNER: Mark Armstrong of LaGrange.

6.50 RUNNER UP: Wayne McCray

STREETCAR SHOOT OUT WINNER: Arlee Belford of Tallahassee, Florida.


The dragway holds events regularly for good crowds just south of Albany. Childs said there are sponsorships available at the dragway for business who want to get their messages in front of racing fans, To find out more call him at 478-951-9092.

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