Mitchell County head coach Deshon Brock is shown during a 2019 game.

Although the upcoming football season may include unprecedented changes, Mitchell County High school football coach Deshon Brock hopes his team will finally be able to “finish the drill.”

The Eagles went 10-2 last year and 8-3 in 2018. This will be Brock’s fourth year leading the program.

“We’ve come close to tasting what we want to taste and just haven’t been able to get it done,” Brock said. “So, we’re hoping that this year we can put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and win the whole thing.”

The team began the summer with Zoom meetings and group texts with the entire team and position coaches to ensure safety and players staying in shape on their own time. The GHSA guidelines have allowed teams to now come together.

“They’re putting in the work and getting it done and we’re appreciating their efforts,” Brock said. “Now with the helmets on the kids are excited.”

The Eagles have begun workouts in person, but these practices have looked a little different due to COVID-19. The players bring their own water bottles and come dressed since the locker rooms had been off limits until recently. Temperature checks greet the players when they come to practice, and the weight room sanitization habits have become more intense.

“I think they’re adjusting well,” Brock said. “These are troubling times, but they can preserve and bounce back. So far we’ve been able to do that and stay safe. Hopefully we continue that trend.”

Brock said they are looking forward to playing in their new stadium. The Eagles previously shared a stadium with four other schools. They are also looking forward to the talent returning for their team.

Quantavius Hunter will return as starting quarterback. In 2019, last year he started as a junior and had a breakout year. He threw for roughly 1,500 yards and 25 touchdowns while rushing for another 500 yards and five touchdowns.

“He will definitely be our guy to be on the lookout for,” Brock said.

Brock highlighted Malcolm Jones, Willie Williams, Daniels and Thompson as the core receivers coming back. He also noted that the majority of the offensive line returning will be key for its ability to hold up, open up lanes, and give the quarterback time.

While the season may include some differences, Brock hopes fans will show out to witness his team’s offseason efforts.

“Come check us out and come support the kids,” Brock said. “They really do work hard.”

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