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The annual Dynamite Dozen series is complete for 2019. While we ended up with a baker’s dozen, meaning 13 total, there could have been several more excellent football players in the region that could have also been selected.

South Georgia may not get the recognition that the Atlanta area gets, but the area is ripe with football talent. It would have been easy to include the likes of Lee County’s Chauncey Magwood, Baron Hopson and James Hopson. It would also be no stretch to select Monroe’s Emon Seay or Westover’s Cameron Hopkins, Pelham’s Jordan Bennett or Davion Rhodes, Worth County’s David Wilcher, and the list could go on.

Looking at the stars selected for this year you will find a variety of young men that excel in what they do. And in small schools they excel on both sides of the football because they are genuinely excellent athletes. There are linebackers, quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, offensive and defensive lineman all included in the Dynamite Dozen. Here is a recap of those who did get mentioned this year:

1) Evans Plowden, Deerfield Windsor, senior, defensive leader for the Knights;

2) Wing Green, Lee County, senior, offensive lineman, committed to Georgia Tech;

3) Darrell Starling, Pelham, senior, safety/wide receiver, committed to Troy University;

4) Jordyn Williams, Westover, junior, wide receiver, looking for a touchdown in every game;

5) Kyle Toole, Lee County, senior, quarterback, committed to Troy University;

6) Lance Robinson, Mitchell County, senior, offensive and defensive line, committed to GA Southern;

7) Ketavion Curry, Sherwood Christian Academy, senior, quarterback, looking to lead Eagles to title;

8) Kendrick Patterson, Pelham, senior, quarterback/safety, working to be better this season than last;

9) James Thomas, Mitchell County, senior, quarterback/linebacker, looking to be an example and lead;

10) Parker Rogers, Lee County, senior, offensive lineman, committed to Middle Tennessee State;

11) Za’tarious Anderson, Monroe, senior, wide receiver, looking to make a difference at Monroe;

12) Keonte’ Turner, Dougherty, senior, running back, wants to lead Dougherty’s turnaround;

13) Jaquan Carter, Westover, senior, offensive lineman, wants a pancake on every play.

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