Brenda Gail and Danny Wall of Leesburg recently traveled to the Atlanta area to compete in the 2019 1621 Races at Fortson 4-H Center in Hampton, Ga. Their results were:

Bogart 4K Home Race (2.48 Miles):

Danny Wall (Leesburg, GA.)=31:27 (Male, 75-79=2nd)

Brenda Gail Wall (Leesburg, GA.)=54.28 (Female, 65-69=2nd)

Fortson 5K (3.1 Miles):

Danny Wall (Leesburg, GA.)=37:04 (Male, 75-79=1st)

Brenda Gail Wall (Leesburg, GA.)=48:01(Female, 65-69=2nd)

Beulah 4K (2.48 Miles):

Danny Wall (Leesburg, GA.)=33:45 (Male, 75-79=1st)

Brenda Gail Wall (Leesburg, GA.)=42:12 (Female, 65-69=2nd)

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