ALBANY — Businessman Gilbert Udoto blew his vuvuzela, kids pounded on bongos, Jordan Daniel Roberts performed a funky dance that had to be seen to be believed, and an air of excitement surrounded the Albany Civic Center Wednesday as Udoto made a big entertainment announcement: R&B singer Chris Brown is set to perform at the Albany Civic Center.

Brown, who has sold more than 140 million records worldwide in his career, will perform at the Albany venue Aug. 22, kicking off at 7 p.m. Joining the R&B singer/rapper for the Albany show will be Mooski, whose “Track Star” is one of the biggest songs in the country now, and Yung Bleu, whose “You’re Mine Still” with rap sensation Drake was a recent No. 1 song.

“What a gift!” Udoto said as he announced the concert at a 2 p.m. news conference at the Civic Center. “This is an answer to our prayers; we can breathe again. It’s time for Albany to come out and live again, and what a great opportunity this is to do that.

“Chris Brown is a superstar, and the fact that his only Georgia show is going to be in Albany puts us right up there with Las Vegas and Atlanta.”

Udoto said the singer’s agent reached out to the Albany businessman as Brown decided to do a series of shows.

“He’s doing shows in Knoxville, in Greenville, in Charleston and in Albany,” Udoto said. “This is huge for our community; it’s something for everyone from 1 to 100. Albany has got to come out for this show.”

Brown made headlines when his debut single, “Run It,” topped the Billboard charts. He has since run off a string of hits like “Kiss Kiss” and “Go Crazy.” “Indigo” was Brown’s first album to top that Billboard chart.

Tickets are available at Odyssey Records, Head Over Heels Boutique, Athlete’s Foot, and the Sandtrap Lounge and Cafe 5.0. Tickets also are available at or at the Civic Center box office.

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