If you’re going to make a squawk, be truthful, starting with a “few policemen” were killed. Only one died, and he had a stroke. January 6th has been overblown by the left who always play this game. Sad.

With the Patels’ good success in redeveloping underperforming properties, why not get them to take a shot at downtown?

Politicians aren’t taking advantage of opportunities. They are selling their support to the highest bidder.

The sad thing about the Fulton County voter fraud issue is the fraud is occurring on video, yet you Democrats, Obama appointed judges and self-proclaimed independent, Carlton Fletcher, claim there isn’t any evidence. It’s on video. Just because Carlton and his fellow left-wingers don’t report on it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Carlton, your piece in Wednesday’s paper doesn’t say that you are (God forbid!) a Democrat. It says that you are an American.

I love how the right keeps talking about “video evidence” of wrongdoing in Fulton County. That lie has been debunked by a number of sources, including Republicans who investigated the supposed “proof” of wrongdoing. Y’all hang on to those lies; they’ll keep you warm at night when you’re having trouble sleeping for worrying about poor old mistreated Donald Trump. Suckers!

I know that a lot of the people in Dougherty county don’t watch the real news, so I will tell you the bad news. Your heating bills are going way up this winter so get ready. Give thanks to Slow Joe for that benefit.

Carlton, the article on Dr. Mosely was very informative; I think you meant he was a man with more than a half-century, not “half-decade” of experience. It would also have been interesting to know what the seven different school systems where he served as superintendent were.

Poor Ronda Rich ... She’s reached the point where she’s starting to repeat herself ... where she’s starting to repeat herself.

To The City Manager: I don’t know who you have directing and who the female superintendent may be, but you must do something. The Recreation & Parks Department has really gone down. I called several times about the Fall Camp for my grands, and I’m still waiting on a response. Is there anyone capable of doing the job there? The persons you have now, obviously can’t.

Trumpsters across our country are threating physical violence against fellow Americans who want to wear a mask. What is wrong with you people?

Tsk tsk, Carlton, such anger. Your hatred for Bush and Trump is duly noted. Your tolerance of Obama and the gomer presently occupying the White House, two of the most corrupt and inept people to ever hold the office, is laughable but par for the course. Short enough?

Never ask Google for medical advice. I have gone from a mild headache to Stage 4 brain cancer in three clicks.

Yours Truly, I never suggested racism didn’t exist. I’m saying you better check the narrative that “the whole country is racist” and anything done to oppose black people is racist. I went to the exact same extreme you do daily, but I did it on purpose. You must be one huge fish ‘cause you take the bait every time.

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