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Rode by Mars plant this afternoon and saw the huge American flag hanging on the side of the building. What a joy to see a company showing patriotism as opposed to Nike’s anti-America stance.

“Talk is cheap. Words are plentiful. Deeds are precious.” — Ross Perot

What it really sounds like is that the Lee County Commission has no T-SPLOST plan in place. They just randomly choose roads and spend money as it comes in. Dangerous.

I have seen a tremendous improvement in the Sports coverage in The Herald in recent days. But why are there so many Auburn stories? We want UGA, Tech and ASU.

I totally agree with the U.S. women’s soccer team about equality. They should have to pay the same rate of life and health insurance as men. They should pay the same rate of driver’s insurance as men. Since they believe in true equality, they should allow men to play on their team along with other teams to include softball teams, swimming teams, basketball teams and tennis teams. Then more women should go to prison to equal the number of men.

Gosh, we do not hate America. We love its values, like freedom of religion. We don’t have to pretend to be Christians. We love freedom from oppression. We can control our own bodies, even make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy. We can marry whoever we love. You know, the “all men are created equal, with inalienable rights” sort of stuff. Those who don’t hold to these beliefs, maybe they’re the ones who need to leave.

How about “mequality,” Fletcher? That’s the belief that’s becoming more and more common in our country that all of us are created equal ... but I’m a little more “equal.”

So the CDC ranked Albany 486th out of the 500 largest U.S. cities regarding chronic disease risk factors, health outcomes and clinical preventive services. Georgia has one of the lowest percentages of insured people in the country. We need to expand Medicaid to as many folks as possible.

Don’t you know that socialism is slavery? The government is the taskmaster who takes most of our money, tells us what we can and can’t say, do and think. Then they spend our money on themselves.

What a great article on Theatre Albany. Glad to hear about all of the improvements they’ve made, as well as the success of the recent fundraiser. The upcoming season sounds fantastic. They have the most dedicated group of volunteers. Albany is very lucky to have Theatre Albany and I hope more people will attend their performances.

Squawker, I agree. Lea Henry holds the position of athletic director for DCSS but she does not serve. She is never in her office and never returns phone calls. Just ask any coach in the system. All she does is show up to events acting like the big boss she thinks she is. Get wise, DCSS.

AOC is a nightmare for Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party. However, it is wonderful entertainment drama to watch them as their battle continues.

I am prouder of the men’s U.S. soccer team than I am the women’s U.S. soccer team. IMO, the women’s team doesn’t represent our country.

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