Cal Thomas needs to go from the editorials. He is really just lying in his columns. He said Joe Biden was lying about sounding the alarm about COVID. All you have to do is read his op-ed in paper at end of January.

Mediacom’s reception has gotten terrible over the last few months; all the channels break up constantly. When you try to call you get somebody from India who can barely speak English. It’s just terrible.

Carlton, regarding your Wednesday article about the presidential clown show. That clown show is nothing compared to the Herald, running same Cal Thomas article in Wednesday and Friday papers. Not the first time it has happened. Does anyone proofread the paper before printing and distribution?

As I watch this new generation try to rewrite our history, the one thing i am sure of ... it will be misspelled and have no punctuation.

Kudos to Dobbs and Bacon, two UGA Agricultural Fellows. These ladies modeled responsible behavior by wearing face masks during a pandemic for their photo op. Commissioner Fletcher, American Legion Post 512 Commander Smith and Commission Chairman Cohilas giving Legion Post 30 Commander Brewer a plaque, not so much.

Will the election cause the Democrats to stop their lies? I doubt it.

Biden has changed his mind again about a mask mandate. He changes his mind more often than he changes his drawers. I can understand why he stays in his basement all the time. If he leaves it, he doesn’t have a clue where he is at. If you want a storyteller for president, vote for him as he can tell some whoppers.

Save yourself and vote Republican

Whether or not Trump wins re-election, Western Civilization may be in its grave, killed by white liberals. But if Trump loses re-election fairly, it will be definite prove that the structure of belief that upholds Western civilization has completely collapsed. Communism will have conquered America.

I carried a weapon for two years in Vietnam. No one questioned by ability to use the weapon then. Now everyone wants to decide if I am stable enough to carry one. You have no fear of me unless you tread on me.

In one of Biden’s ads he shows a small young man in need of medical care. He promises health care if he is elected. My question is why this young person did not receive the necessary care under the ObamaCare package? That was the answer to all in need of medical care.

Fake President Trump tweeted a faked video of Biden playing an anti-police song. Everything Trump is fake.

What do the Democrats have planned for President Trump in his next four years as president?

In Carlton’s Wednesday editorial he stated Pence is “scary.” Your judgement is so wrong. Between Trump, Biden, Harris, and Pence, I would chose Pence over all of them. A good and decent man. And to say “we survived George W. Bush should give us confidence that we can make it through anything” is so wrong also. He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a good person and man. The president that followed Bush is the one that is the cause of our woes today.

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