I’m so sorry about the lack of delivery people for the paper; not a good sign. Also I grew up not having food more days than I can count; therefore, like you, Carlton, I have always given to people in need. You expressed exactly what I’ve been feeling about giving lately, and I too have had a change of attitude.

OK, Rev Harris ... you say we can lose our salvation. That is very sad and scary. How does one know they have “fallen from grace?” What must one do to lose it ... and what a miserable situation to be in. My Bible says no one can pluck me, as a believer, out of His hand. Christ was crucified once for all sin.

As an older guy, my generation had Wonder Woman. Today’s generation has to wonder if it is a woman.

The Herald owes it to their readers to be careful and not print any COVID-19 false statistics or conspiracy theories which might discourage vaccines or other precautions against the pandemic.

I hope the homeless people and people who have little chance of eking out a living find that there are more sympathetic people in Albany than Carlton Fletcher.

I hope the new senior pastor of Sherwood won’t go around town with his shirt tail out like the previous guy.

I appreciate that his family comes first, but I hope Matt Fuller stays on the Albany Commission. We need his business sense.

BJ Fletcher leading the way on senior school tax relief sounds nice, but she doesn’t have half a clue of what’s involved. All talk, no action expected.

You can kinda tell the nonprofits that are in it to try and get their hands on your money ... they’re the ones out demanding to get “their share” of “our money.” Most of these with their hands out don’t pay taxes ... so where do they get this “our money?”

As for a charitable return on investment, few hold a candle to the Salvation Army.

Bobby Coleman coming back to the Albany City Commission? Please, Matt Fuller, say you’ll seek a second term on the commission. Coleman was about nothing but nepotism during his tenure on the board. And wasn’t he a puppet for Henry Mathis?

It’s about time some local official at least started talking about doing away with school taxes for senior citizens. We’ll see if it’s just campaign talk in the next few weeks.

A few questions you should ask yourself if you are not vaccinated: Do you want to expose yourself, family and friends to COVID? Can you afford to miss work for an unknown period of time? Can you afford a large hospital bill? Do you want businesses/malls to close again? Do you want to miss seeing your family and friends because you are infected?

We politically correct folks say “Native Americans.” The country’s real Indians call themselves “Indians.”

There were another 50-plus shootings in Chicago this weekend. They are blaming illegal guns. Could the problem be the people shooting the guns?

The GOP is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Inc. That Masked Man

Libraries are now — and have always been — vital parts of our community. Sadly, though, it’s also a rest stop for homeless and druggies, but no one seems to want to talk about that.

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