NBC made a huge mistake letting Savannah Guthrie try to moderate a town hall. She was horrible, as she acted like she was an interviewer and opposing debater. Her job was supposed to be introducing those asking questions.

I don’t know what the problem is lately, but our mail is being delivered to our neighbors’ boxes, theirs in ours and even other street folks are bringing our mail that was delivered to them. Is it so hard to read the addresses to where they are to go?

Looks like Kamala Harris’s group is contaminated and they wore masks. Joe Biden better be careful. Is Joe contaminated? He is too pure for that. I hope his voters are listening to the true news and paying attention to the lies coming out about Joe. Things won’t be any different if Americans have to put up with him as president.

New Falcons cheer ... Pick it up, Pick it up, Pick it up!

The squawker wants to know why we are gung-ho for Biden. We are “gung-ho” for Biden because he believes climate change and COVID-19 are not hoaxes. Biden can’t possibly stir up the amount of racial tension Trump has. Biden will not fire or discredit all those that disagree with him. Biden will not fire inspector generals that find out he used resources of the U.S. government to try to move the British Open to his golf course.

Grifter Mike Pompeo says he’ll release more of Hillary’s emails by election. Barr promised to release more of the Russian probe. Nobody’s voting for Hillary or Obama in 2020. But Trump’s deplorables and con artists like Bill Barr try to deflect away from the real criminal, called Donald Trump.

To the SMR attempting to take me on as it relates to the abysmal response of Republican presidents. First, your futile attempt to divert attention from the 200,000-plus Americans who have died because of Trump proves that you are sick. Next, when I mentioned the death total, I was talking about Americans, not worldwide. In addition, Republican Dwight Eisenhower was president during the Korean War and the start of Vietnam. Signed Yours Truly

If Joe Biden knows how to fix the problems in America, how to solve the racial divide, and how to improve the economic well-being of Americans, why in the he — didn’t he tell President Obama when he was vice president? And by the way, if we have “systemic racism” in America, why didn’t Joe tell Barack to address it and fix it?

Will Albany be celebrating Halloween and if so, how do we stay safe?

I live in a home valued at less than $215,000. It takes three full months of my Social Security income just to pay my property tax. I guess we are not supposed to eat, buy medicine, or use utilities for those three months. It is shameful what Dougherty County leadership charge its citizens to live here. Atrocious.

ASU has a pass rate of 87% on the nursing state boards, GSW 90%. ASU has great teachers and dedicated students. This new learning lab will give them a leg up on their technical skills (sometimes you don’t get all you need at the hospital) that will be invaluable. Why so down on ASU? Were you ever a student in the nursing program there?

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