The Knobby Knees festival was a lot of fun. Thanks to the organizers and the volunteers that made it happen. Lots of great, live music. Looking forward to next year.

Dang, Carlton. Is this the way you Democrats really think and live each day?

Squawkbox contributor says, “The comedy continues. DOCO school system ...” Don’t forget that several weeks after Dougherty County School Board Chairman Ken Dyer awarded an unknown character a $494,000 totally blank contract without describing the effort being paid for, without going before the School Board, without the board’s knowledge and without the board’s vote. How much will Dyer get from Rep. Winfred Dukes on the new construction contract?

If a tree falls, does it make a sound (in Squawkbox)? No — unless it’s a Republican tree.

Hmmm ... Fletcher, I wonder if there was anyone in particular you were referring to with your kinda entertaining column Sunday.

To Scot Morrissey and Carlton Fletcher: For over 3 months I can’t get your Sunday paper at Mike’s Country Store on U.S. 19 South out of your paper box. I would like Carlton or Scot to lose some sleep next Sunday and go with the man that puts your paper in the box. Then you put six quarters in the box. If its not set to receive the Sunday paper, then fire that (person). Just tired of this.

A shout-out to the Albany DMV — I had to go there two times recently. The staff was very polite, helpful and fast. Thank you. Almost wish I had to renew my license again (almost) ...

Saw where “Jumping Joe” has reversed his former position on abortion funding, the Hyde amendment. He’s toast.

Had Will Durst read the Wyoming rancher’s summary of the Muller report in Friday’s Squawkbox, he would not have sent his commentary to Albany Herald for Sunday edition. His commentary lacks any objectivity and shows his ignorance about American legal tradition of presumption of innocence.

I’ve seen it all now. The county is patching potholes with dirt.

Responding to the squawks about Chris Cohilas and the County Commission raising our millage rate, just want to point out that they are good stewards of our tax money and don’t deserve this unfair criticism.

Squawker, if you are waiting for the Editor of the Herald to do some research prior to writing a liberal-minded, opinion column, then you are destined to be sadly disappointed. Even though I’ve chastised him in the past for doing the exact same thing.

Excellent story about the “Road less-traveled” in Sunday’s paper. There was a serious side to the story, but it had elements that made it fun to read, too. Good job, Mr. Mauldin.

Sorry Wal-mart, I will go buy my own groceries. I don’t want no stranger entering my house when I am not at home. Camera or no camera.

It is dumb for people who are recording ads on local TV to say “Georgia” with town names that are only a few miles away from Albany — examples: “Leesburg, Georgia ... Americus, Georgia ...”

Nothing is built in America anymore. I bought a TV and it said “built-in antenna.” I don’t even know where that is.

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