If Biden wins, America loses.

Whatever happened to accommodation and compromise in Politics? Now it seems to be all or nothing.

Poor Juan Williams, who puts up with all the conservatives on the Fox Five Show. The salary he gets must be good enough to overlook the tough time he puts up with. If he doesn’t like the outcome, he should quit.

Sure hope YT and the masked sidekick, those two prolific writers to our beloved Squawkbox, get off those floor risers and actually vote. Put up or shut up time, gents.

To the person that said Republicans are putting the Supreme Court over COVID relief: She needs to look at the facts. Nancy Pelosi seems to be putting her $24 Ben and Jerry’s ice cream over the relief package.

Hey, Squawker, quit whining about Bo Dorough and his “moves.” He’s grasping at straws yet again. My hat is off to Emily Jean Haley. She has proven, tirelessly I might add, that hard work, her endless friend base and a positive attitude can create, nourish and grow a successful lasting treasure for Dougherty County. Go, Flint Riverquarium.

Over 2 billion dollars in damage to American cities this year. Done exclusively by Biden/Harris supporters.

Squawker, I tried not to respond, but you just won’t stop bashing my ASU. First of all, you don’t get to make the qualifications. Whatever your issues with ASU, you should take it to the Board of Regents, not the Albany Herald. I must say, 50 year after graduating from ASU, there is always this drum roll about what ASU’s not doing. But it still produces some great scholars. Sounds like your problem is personal.

Surely the “powers that be” at St. Teresa’s should be aware that their celebratory balloon release could cause injury and death to many birds and animals that could ingest the remains of balloon residue. Clearly, an environmental lesson has been ignored.

Fletcher, I don’t agree with your most recent column, but I appreciate the passion you put into it.

Can you believe we actually have a group of folks voting for Biden? A man with no plan. Please share with us what he has done in 47 years or Kamala Harris, who has no clue.

The Albany Herald must investigate the Joe Biden situation with China. His son is as crooked as he is. With only three weeks to go, you must dig deep and explore the findings. Seems $10 million for introduction only. As Joe would say, “Come on, guy.” Please look into this troubling story and tell the truth to your customers who read the paper.

Hunter Biden, a great example of an apple not falling far from Joe’s tree. A matched pair in the lack of smarts department. How could the guy lose control of a computer full of this kind of stuff?

Once again an SMR is spouting alternative facts. No one blames Trump for the coronavirus in the U.S., Europe, or anywhere else. Trump has totally mishandled the response to coronavirus. After contracting COVID-19, Trump has declared himself cured. His “plan” now must be herd immunity. Trump continues to hold packed rallies where he goes maskless, as do most attendees. One doctor calls these “mass murders.”

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