To the self-righteous, name-calling, anti-alcohol Squawker. Apparently you haven’t read Deuteronomy 14:26 in the Bible.

The Phoebe Lights of Love ceremony last night was wonderful. The program and speakers were excellent, not too long; music by the students and Dr Keaton was beautiful, the candle-lighting was moving, and the tree was gorgeous. Thank you Phoebe and sponsors.

The unneeded purchase of private property by the city for outrageous prices is driving my property taxes to the tipping point. There is no way I can retire here. Wonder if I can donate my home to a fake church to speed up my family’s departure.

Hope for Albany after all. With both Hubbard and Marietta being replaced by more qualified candidates, it is a huge step in the right direction. It is good that Postell retired, but too bad a qualified candidate was not elected to replace him. Maybe next time.

Winfred Dukes owes the Georgia Campaign Finance Commission $750 in filing fees, part dating back to 6/2016. Cough it up Winfred.

Lights of Love was amazing, as usual. Thank you, Phoebe, for this gift to the community. And thank you, Jodi Peacock, for your bravery.

Will former Senator Isakson follow Chamblis’s lead in using his accumulated campaign contributions to fund questionable spending over the next couple of years? Or will he do the right thing?

Trump promised the trade war would revive U.S. manufacturing — it has not worked. Manufacturing is in a recession — factory orders have fallen for the fourth straight month, and construction spending has continued to fall. What will the Chosen One do?

Hillary, your Democrat Party is approaching political extinction, and so are you.

Why is Trump complaining he and his lawyers were not allowed to participate in the hearings? He has refused to participate in upcoming hearings, claiming the hearings are illegal and a hoax. Why are some Republicans refusing to read the transcripts from both the Mueller report and previous hearing results?

Real communication with real people is becoming an art form, and a lot of people cannot find the paint brush. We need to thank God every day for all that we have and thank the generations that came before us. The devices that the young and not so young use have become a form of idolatry.

Seeing Nancy Pelosi standing in front of six American flags telling Democrats to impeach our president just makes me want to vomit.

Good to see DOT is moving forward with the four-laning of SR 133. This road is important to the Marine base and the flow of commerce.

Jerry Nadler says he condemns the Republicans for not joining them on impeachment. Well, that is just too bad because most Republicans condemn the Democrats for bringing on this bogus impeachment in the first place.

One squawker complained about the remark Pamela Karlan made about Baron Trump. Oh boo-hoo. Trump has said and done much worse to children, minorities, Gold Star families, the disabled, other world leaders, and on and on and on. Stop whining, or tell Trump to stop insulting people. Your phony outrage is pathetic.

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