Albany police identify three suspects in Friday night killing of teen

Albany police have responded to some eight shooting incidents this week.

ALBANY — The gun-related violence that has spread in this southwest Georgia community like a plague continued early Monday morning when a 25-year-old Albany man was shot several times while driving in his vehicle.

A news release by the Albany Police Department indicated that Deion Coleman, 25, was shot in the buttocks, the leg and the groin area at around 12:14 Monday morning as he drove in his vehicle to make a purchase at a convenience store.

APD Officer Alexander Price said in his report of the incident that he discovered Price on the ground near his apartment at 1013 Cedar Ave. after receiving a report of gunshots at the location.

“I responded in emergency mode to 1013 Cedar Ave. (Cedar Apartments) in reference to a shooting,” Alexander wrote in his report. “Upon arrival, I observed a black male subject laying on the ground east of a tan Buick Century displaying Georgia tag RXB2510. The black male subject was later identified as Deion Coleman. I observed (Coleman) wearing black and blue gym shorts and no shirt. I was advised by several individuals that Deion had been shot in his butt.

“(EMS) Med 4 and Med 1 responded to the scene. Med 4 transported (Coleman) to Phoebe Main. Several shell casings were discovered near the entrance/exit of the (apartment) parking lot.”

Witnesses at the scene told police they saw a black four-door vehicle stopped near the entrance/exit to the apartment complex shortly before leaving the scene traveling east on Cedar Avenue. The witness said the car had LED lights.

Alexander said in his report that Coleman’s girlfriend and a neighbor pulled the injured Coleman out of his vehicle onto the ground.

“Contact was made with (Coleman’s) girlfriend (Delyncia Porter) at the hospital,” Alexander wrote. “Porter advised she was in their apartment talking on the phone with a friend when she heard multiple gunshots. Porter advised she ran downstairs and looked out of the window and observed (Coleman’s) car going in reverse in the grass on the west side of the parking lot. Porter (said) she ran outside to his car and he asked her to pull him out. Porter stated her and a neighbor pulled (Coleman) out of the car.”

Coleman told police he was going to the store when he observed a black vehicle backed into a parking space with its lights on. He said he was driving past the car when an unknown black male jumped out of the front passenger side wearing a black hoodie tied around his face and black shorts. Coleman said when the suspect began shooting at him, he put his car in reverse but he was struck by bullets several times. He told police he could not stop his vehicle because he couldn’t feel his legs.

“I asked (Coleman) has he had any type of altercation with anyone in the past, (and he said) no,” Alexander wrote. “However, he stated his little brother (Craig Coleman) has been sleeping on his porch from time to time. (Coleman said he wasn’t) sure if the unknown black males were looking for his brother due to his brother probably being involved with any gang activity lately.”

Coleman said he had not seen the black vehicle in the neighborhood before.

Alexander said he observed three gunshot wounds in Coleman’s buttocks, a wound in his left leg, a wound on the left side of his waist and a wound in the groin area.

The case has been turned over to APD’s Investigations Unit.

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WOW! You are not even safe when you go to the store. This is another example of the lawlessness that plagues the country. There are too many people out there who are out of their minds. They respect nothing. The answer is to support the police; not defund them.

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